Planning for the future of the Parish

The Parish Council has set out its future ambitions for the Parish through the development of a new business plan. You can open a copy of the Business Plan 2018-21 at the bottom of this page.

The Business Plan will provides clear information about how the Parish Council intends to conduct its business over the next three years and sets out our expectations for partnership working and our ambitions for community both generally and in the form of specific projects and services. It will also be used to inform the budget process, plan future activities and enable the Parish Council to monitor progress against its key priorities

Any plan, can only succeed if the people it affects support and actively participate in achieving and delivering it. So, this Business Plan for Westbourne can only succeed if the community believe in it, back it and play their part in bringing it to fruition.  To ensure it is consistent with residents’ wishes, it will need ongoing input and feedback from the community.  We will request and respond to that feedback and regularly consult through our website, social media, public meetings and Parish newsletter.

The Business Plan may be downloaded by clicking here.

If you have any comments or questions about the Business Plan then please contact us.

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Thursday 13 December 2018

Parish Council, 7:15 - 9.15pm

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