Westbourne Cemetery

The Cemetery on Cemetery Lane, Westbourne, is managed jointly by Southbourne and Westbourne parish councils.

Meetings of the  Joint Burial Committee, formed of councillors from Southbourne and Westbourne parish councils, are held on a quarterly basis to discuss all issues relating to the cemetery.

Clerk to the Joint Burial Committee
The Joint Burial Committee employs a Clerk who manages all of its functions, including administrative and financial work.

Contact the Clerk
For all queries and matters relating to the Cemetery, contact Caroline Davsion, Clerk to the Joint Burial Committee, at

  • email: jbc@southbourne-pc.gov.uk
  • telephone: 01243 576882 or 07879309604
  • In writing to: Westbourne and Southbourne Joint Burial Committee, The Village Hall, First Avenue, Southbourne, PO10 8HN

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    Thursday 13 December 2018

    Parish Council, 7:15 - 9.15pm

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