The Parish Council’s Planning Committee meets monthly to discuss and agree its response to planning applications that are relevant to the Parish.

The Parish Council mainly receives notification of planning applications from Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority, as a statutory consultee, for those submitted within the Parish.

The Council sometimes responds to planning applications submitted to Havant Borough Council, or those relevant to nearby parishes within Chichester District, if they have an impact on the Parish of Westbourne.

Planning Committee Agenda

The agenda is published in advance of the meeting and includes a list of all applications that will be discussed at the meeting. All decisions are recorded in the minutes of the meeting which are also published to the public.

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public and planning applicants, or residents interested in an application, are welcome to attend to explain their application or opinions.

Planning advice

For planning advice, you should contact your Local Planning Authority in the first instance.

Westbourne Parish Council’s Planning Committee may be able to provide some pre-application advice. However, members of the Parish Council are not planning professionals and their advice is based on previous knowledge and experience of planning matters in the Parish. For formal advice, you should contact the relevant local planning authority.

Local Planning Authorities

Please see below links to the Local Planning Authorities

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Thursday 13 December 2018

Parish Council, 7:15 - 9.15pm

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