Financial year 2017-18

The Parish Council sets an annual Precept – funding collected on the Parish Council’s behalf by Chichester District Council through Council Tax – to support its activities.

For the financial year 2017-18, the Precept is £77,800. This means a Band D Council Tax property will contribute roughly £77 towards the running of the Parish Council in 2017-18.

The Precept is higher than previous years to take into account funding that has been set aside for the Parish Council’s five-year Business Plan which aims to improve services and facilities in the Parish.

The Precept will also be used for the Parish Council’s professional subscriptions, donations to the closed churchyard, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Sussex Playing Fields Association. It will pay for the running and maintenance of the Parish Council’s two recreation areas, street lighting, litter and dog bin collections and repairs/vandalism, as well as general administrative costs such as room hire, accounting and auditing, staff costs and office equipment/stationery.Financial year 2016-17

Financial year 2016-17

On 31 March 2017, at the end of the 2016-17 financial year, the Parish Council’s two bank accounts were signed off with a receipts and payments balance of:

  • The number one account: £106,846.46
  • The number two account (the remainder of S106 developer contribution for Mill Road Recreation Ground): £4,844.42.

The Parish Council has built up just over £60,000 in earmarked reserves for projects, such as replacing play equipment at the recreation grounds, the car park at Monk’s Hill, fingerposts, and the church yard wall. The Business Plan that is being produced will identify how and when some these projects will be delivered.

The Parish Council has around £30,000 in general reserves. The Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Council’s recommends that this amount, roughly half of the precept, is held in general reserve to safeguard any financial risk.

Councillors are urged to be cautious of expenditure that has not been ‘precepted’ for. There is an annual budget that has to be worked to and failure to do so could see the reserve drop too low and put the council at risk of not being able to function in an emergency.

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